Flash Fiction im Leistungskurs Englisch 11

Flash Fiction bezeichnet ganz kurze Kurzgeschichten, die relativ spontan entstehen. Diese literarische Form boomt im Internet und im Leistungskurs Englisch 11. Hier war es die Aufgabe, eine Geschichte mit etwa 300 Wörtern zu schreiben, in der die Begriffe painful, rule und shrivel vorkommen. Lest hier die Story von Some Girl.  Science Fiction, Coming of Age, Dystopia – you decide.

Everyone likes orange squeezers

by Some Girl

It is quiet. Suddenly there is the loud noise of a machine. And then the realization hits. I’m in the squeezing machine. How did I end up here? All I ever feared is this creepy machine. I have got parents and supportive friends. Almost everything is perfect. If Harry wasn’t there … Harry is kind of my enemy. He is really tall in contrast to me.

There is one rule everyone has to accept: “Do not make fun of the height of others”. We all adhere to this rule. But it doesn’t stop people from being mean to others. This rule is so important because the people who live here are either really tall or really tiny. There is nothing in between. If you break the rule you get into the squeezing machine to shrivel. This process is so painful and I don’t want to become even smaller.

Harry always makes me feel ugly, dumb and unwanted. A lot of my friends got the same issue. We sadly can’t really do anything about it. The only insult that will hurt him is that he’s tiny. I’ve now known him for eight years. Already as a six-year-old he was a prick. I could always control my anger and stay calm. But yesterday … Harry insulted my best friend. His name is Milano! He is an amazing person! The best friend I could ever ask for. Harry said really nasty words to him and I couldn’t hold it back anymore.

“Look at you, Harry!” I said. “You are so tiny. You are invisible to everyone. Even my grandma is taller than you.”

Then I … I don’t know … got knocked out and now I am here … On no … I scream. I can see the gears of the machine moving. It should be Harry, but not me! He deserves all of this! I close my eyes because I know what I going to happen …

“Good Morning!” someone says really loudly. “Get up! It is late!” the same voice shouts.

I open my eyes and I am in a bedroom. I’ve never seen this room before. I stand up and look around. There is a really big mirror at the right corner. I am walking slowly to this huge mirror. I feels like it’s calling me. I look into the mirror. I can’t believe what I see … I am Harry!

Ein Beitrag von Some Girl und Christoph Zwißler

Quelle: https://pixabay.com/de/photos/schularbeit-schreiben-stillleben-851328/

Author: Hr. Hartung