Hiya boys and girls,

On this website you’ll find lots of information and useful links. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

1. Our teachers (2020/21)

5-15Mr Ullrich8-13Ms Haase
5-25Mr Theek8-23Ms Scholz
5-35Ms Steinbiß8-33Dr. Schleinitz
5-45Mr Ullrich8-43Ms Linsel
5-55Mr Zwißler9-13Mr Ullrich
6-14Mr Theek9-23Ms Steinbiß
6-24Mr Ullrich9-33Mr Ullrich
6-34Ms Fischer9-43Mr Ullrich
6-44Ms Scholz10-13Ms Scholz
6-54Ms Rengers10-23Mr Zwißler
7-14Ms Linsel 10-3 3 Ms Fischer
7-24Ms Steinbiß LK En 1 5 Mr Theek
7-34Ms Linsel LK En 2 5 Ms Fischer
7-44Ms Steinbiß GK En 1 3 Ms Linsel
7-54Ms LinselGK En 22Ms Rengers

2. Our English book and supplementary material

  • English G access by the Cornelsen publisher – go to Scook.de and register and then type the ISBN number of your book to get access to the additional material (e. g. the audio files or for the workbook special files)
  • Vokabel App provided by the Cornelsen publisher (vocabulary per Year about 7-8 Euros

3. CLIL/BILI modules

  • plans for the BILI-classes are provided on LernSax – file „Klassenleiter“

4. Recommendations for parents (Empfehlungen für Eltern)

  • Liebe Eltern, wir arbeiten an der Schule mit den Materialien vom Cornelsen Verlag (access Reihe).
  • Unsere Empfehlungen sind: der Wordmaster, ggf. der Vokabeltrainer als App und der dazugehörige Wortschatz (ca. 8 Euro) sowie die Verbentrainer (ca. 5 Euro). Außerdem kann für Ihr Kind der Klassenarbeitstrainer nützlich sein zum individuellen Üben vor einer anstehenden Klassenarbeit.

5. Contests

  • Big Challenge (every year in May)
  • Solo-Wettbewerb Kl. 8-10: Bundeswettbewerb Fremdsprachen – National Contest for learners of foreign languages
  • Solo Plus Kl. 10 using two foreign languages
  • Team – the teacher has to fill in the application form

6. Special events

  • Interact – intercultural day for learners of Year 6
  • BILI / CLIL 

7. Online dictionaries

8. Websites for individual practice and revision

9. Useful files or worksheets with English phrases by teachers 

teacheruploaded material
Ms Fischertext-types (shorter version) & wordbank letter of application
presentation: website with phrases
presentation: feedback
feedback on written texts
text-types (hints) (aus der Handreichung der Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Wissenschaft Berlin)
Quizlet Year 10
Quizlet Year 11
OALD lists
list 1, list 2, list 3
Videos passive: video 1; video 2
Ms Haase 
Dr. Schleinitz 
Ms Scholz 
Ms Steinbiß 

10. Private Websites of teachers

Ms Fischer (for English and Ethics): Ideas for teaching English