Gastbeitrag: Divided States of America – Kommentare zur Abtreibung in den USA

Divided States of America – Roe v. Wade as a precursor to larger struggles

Dear recipients,
I, as a woman whose body and rights are up to others to decide at any time, I probably look at the debate of abortion from a different perspective. What if at some point it hits me, what if I get pregnant against my will because I have been the victim of sexual assault. According to the policies of some states, I would still have to carry the child.
Thus, in this essay, I would like to address the issue of abortion and other issues that are emerging.

Perhaps you are aware that the case of Roe v. Wade caused a huge uprising in the United States about 50 years ago. Abortion was strictly forbidden until 1970. As a result, women have had to abort in very horrific ways, thereby endangering their own lives. In relation to this case, the Supreme Court made a verdict in 1973 that abortion is legal within the first trimester. The decision is entirely up to the woman and her assigned doctors, this has been explained with the right to privacy by the Supreme Court.
Now the question arises whether the Roe v. Wade case is a precursor to bigger struggles in the USA?

Indeed, the intensely debated topic about legalizing abortion has led to other issues such as gender equality, women’s rights, fundamental rights and abuse of sensitive subjects by politicians.
All these problems show how divided the American society is and how this division poses a threat for them and the democracy in the USA.
Vandalism, violence, harassment and intimidation are the means used by anti-choice extremists to threaten the safety of abortion providers and their patients. Here are a few examples that demonstrate how extreme these acts have been in the past. Specifically, there were 11 murdered people between 1993 and 2016. Victims included doctors, hospital staff, a hospital escort, a security guard and a police officer, there were also 26 attempted murders during the same period recorded.
Moreover, many politicians try to adapt to the wishes of their voters as it is a very sensitive issue. One example is Donald Trump, the ex president of USA who ruled from 2017 to 2021. Back in 1999 he admitted he was pro-choice, attributing it to the fact that he grew up in New York and therefore is very open minded. However, he changed his mind about 18 years later to get more votes in the elections. The exact same behavior applies to George H.W. Bush.
Once again these events prove the lack of women’s rights and freedom. It is not correct if predominantly men make decisions that affect women and their bodies.In addition, for some people it is questionable why politicians often advertise with being pro-choice. This concept is represented by many with the exclamation „My body, my choice“. What some do not understand is why it had no meaning when it came to the COVID-19 vaccines. The distrust in the politicians is growing through such debates and disagreements and the society loses trust. Democracy rarely works without trust in government.
The historic Supreme Court decision that guaranteed abortion rights in the US for nearly 50 years has been overturned. Each federal state can now decide independently whether to continue to have the right to an abortion or not. In 11 federal states after the overthrow of the Roe v. Wade case an abortion is illegal.
It is expected that topics like abortion are supposed to be solved peacefully, but that did not happen. What could the US government improve and how should they deal with all the other issues?
First and foremost, it is important to provide safe and always accessible abortion services to women. We also need better education about one’s own body and about safe and secure sexual intercourse. These could be carried out in schools, for example.

Taking into account the previous arguments, one can say that the problems the USA have to face should be tackled at the roots. Some of these issues only arise because of the lack of communication. Sometimes we might talk past each other but in a civilized society we should be open to communication and finding compromise. Furthermore I would like to emphasize the fact that we are talking about women’s bodies and the ones who decide about it is the government and mainly men. Consequently, I strongly insist on leaving the decision to an abortion to the woman alone.

A comment by Farangis (11th grade)

– (4th February 2023)
(4th February 2023)
on-50th-anniversary-of-the-roe-v-wade-decision/ (5th February 2023)

Divided States of America – Roe v. Wade as a precursor to larger struggles

Dear readers,
As someone who supports abortion rights, I think that the current public discussion about them is a sign of things to come in the US. The controversy surrounding the freedom to decide whether to have an abortion or not is steeped in US history and has dominated political and social discourse for decades. I shall analyze the arguments on both sides in this essay and give reasons why the US government should act to safeguard women’s rights to safe and legal abortions.

In recent years, pro-life groups who want to limit access to abortion services have attacked the freedom to choose. They argue that abortion is unethical and ought to be outlawed. They claim that every fetus has a right to life that should be protected and that life begins at conception. Additionally, pro-lifers claim that abortions are dangerous and that women who have them are more likely to experience physical and mental health issues. On the other hand, pro-choice advocates contend that the freedom to make one’s own decisions is a fundamental human right that has to be upheld by the state. They maintain that women should be allowed to make their own decisions regarding their bodies and that the government should not get in the way of those decisions. Additionally, pro-choice advocates assert that abortions are safe and that women who have them are not more likely to experience health issues than women who do not.
It is crucial to take into account the data and figures that back up each side when assessing the arguments on both sides. The Guttmacher Institute, a prestigious organization that does research on reproductive health, claims that the number of abortions done in the US has decreased recently. The number of abortions carried out in the US in 2014 was at its lowest level since the 1970s. Numerous variables, such as more access to contraception and a drop in unplanned pregnancies, can be blamed for this decline. Access to abortion services, however, continues to be a significant worry for many women despite this drop. Nearly half of all women who have abortions, according to a report by the Guttmacher Institute, are below the federal poverty line, and many of these women have trouble getting abortion care. Some states have passed legislation that women must wait a specified period of time before obtaining an abortion.
The longer the waiting period, the greater the uncertainty surrounding the decision can become, leading to potential desperation and its impact on mental health. Another important factor to consider is that the longer the waiting period, the longer the individual must cope with the decision or issue, often wanting to resolve it as quickly as possible, but prolonged waiting can lead to a prolonged physical and emotional burden, which may negatively affect one’s mentality. In addition, there are insufficient abortion clinics, making it difficult for women to schedule appointments and receive help as they must travel a long distance.
Since 1977, approximately 400 abortion facilities have been targeted by anti-abortion protestors, according to the National Abortion Federation. As a result, there are fewer abortion facilities in the US, which increases the difficulty for women to get treatments.
Pro-choice campaigners keep up their struggle for the right to have safe and legal abortions in spite of these obstacles. They contend that access to abortion services is crucial to ensuring that women have control over their own lives and that the government has a duty to defend women’s rights to make decisions about their own bodies. The administration should fund abortion services, according to pro-choice advocates, as this will aid women who are unable to pay for their own abortions.
Finally, the public discussion on abortion rights is a prelude to more significant struggles in the US. The argument has a long history in the US.
The facts and data support the pro-choice position that access to safe and legal abortions is necessary to ensure that women have control over their own bodies and lives, despite the fact that both pro- and anti-abortion campaigners have important points to make.
The US regime should take steps to safeguard women’s rights to have safe and authorized abortions. This can be accomplished by protecting the right to privacy established by Roe v. Wade, which encompasses a woman’s choice to terminate a pregnancy and by ensuring that women have access to safe and affordable abortion procedures.To assist women who are unable to pay for abortions on their own, the authority should also support abortion services.
The authorities should also endeavor to remove obstacles like lengthy waiting times and clinic closures that impede women from receiving abortion services. Additionally, the government should take action to inform the population of the value of having access to safe and legal abortions as well as the advantages of being in charge of one’s own body and life.
Finally, the establishment needs to take action to address the root causes of unwanted births, such as poverty and a lack of access to comprehensive sex education and contraception. The state can assist in lowering the number of unwanted pregnancies and ensuring that women have access to the reproductive health care they require by addressing these issues.

In conclusion, the public discussion surrounding abortion rights is an important topic that has an impact on millions of women’s lives in the US. The regime has a duty to defend women’s access to safe and legal abortions and to guarantee that they are in charge of their own bodies and lives. To uphold these rights and guarantee that women have access to the reproductive healthcare they require, the US government should take appropriate measures.

A comment by Soukeina (11th grade)